Christmas Lamb Paella Recipe

Christmas Lamb Paella

As promised, we are back with an all-new Paella of the month! Try something different this Christmas and cook a Lamb Paella or Paella de Cordero and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Paella Recipe

Thanksgiving Turkey Paella

Do you want to try something different for Thanksgiving Day? Celebrate it the Spanish way cooking a Turkey Paella or Paella de Pavo and gathering around with your family and friends.

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10 Spanish sayings about food

10 Spanish Sayings About Food

As we know, exploring the gastronomy is a great way to know a culture. Looking at the popular expressions, proverbs and sayings in a culture is a great way to understand the mentality of its people.

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What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

Every season seems to bring to the light a new fad diet, based on a new concept, from your astrology sign to your blood type or centered around a specific ingredient.

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Origins of the Spanish tortilla

Origins of the Spanish Tortilla

First of all, the Spanish tortilla has nothing to do with its Mexican cousin. The Spanish tortilla is much more than a variety of bread: it is a traditional dish all by itself.

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