Happy Hour at Socarrat NYC

As the clock ticks toward the late afternoon, happy hour starts to draw a crowd in locations across the city. At Socarrat in New York City, every happy hour is a festive toast to good times, accompanied by the irresistible aroma of tapas and the clinking of glasses. Step into one of our lively, upmarket locations and pull up a chair as we take a closer look at this timeless tradition.

Happy Hour Meaning

The tradition of a happy hour can be traced back to the early 20th century, when it was a slang term used by sailors in the United States Navy (USN). The phrase signaled a scheduled time for entertainment and recreation onboard ships.

As time went on, the concept of happy hour moved from ships to shoreline, evolving into a pre-dinner period where drinks are offered at reduced prices in bars and restaurants. It attracts a great crowd and fosters a cheerful environment before the evening unfolds.

Why Is Happy Hour So Popular?

Happy hour has become a symbol of relaxation after a long day. It’s a time to unwind, enjoy good company, and savor tasty food and drinks at great prices. The attraction of a good discount, lively ambiance, and the promise of a good time draws individuals from all walks of life into restaurants and bars for a well-earned break.

When Is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is celebrated in the late afternoon to early evening, before dinner. It’s that golden hour when the workday ends, and the promise of a leisurely evening begins. Happy hour is a tradition that provides a cost-friendly way to enjoy cultural experiences, inviting guests to enjoy the connection and happiness that comes with sharing a meal.

What Time Is Happy Hour at Socarrat?

At Socarrat’s three vibrant locations, the happy hour window graciously extends from 4 to 6 PM daily, except on holidays. Whether you find yourself in Chelsea, Nolita, or Midtown East, there’s a cozy spot waiting for you to indulge in our happy hour specials.

The Happy Hour Menu

A typical happy hour menu offers guests a taste of the restaurant’s offerings at a reduced price. It encourages them to unwind after a long day, including things like discounts on drinks and tapas.

Socarrat’s happy hour selection is designed to offer a bit of something for everyone. From tapas to sangria, our menu pays tribute to authentic Spanish cuisine, maintaining the sophisticated simplicity that we pride ourselves on.

Our Happy Hour Specials

Indulge in our happy hour specials, featuring ½ price on most tapas, a $9 glass of sangria, a $9 glass of wine, and a $7 beer. The flavors are robust, the company is merry, and the prices are inviting. Socarrat brings a Spanish twist to the happy hour tradition, offering a comfy retreat as you sip your drink and nibble on tapas.

Happy Hour at Our Restaurants

Each Socarrat location has a distinct charm. We blend the vibrancy and diversity of New York City with Spanish flair, soulful food, and infectious energy. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring the happy hour offerings at each of our restaurants provides a fun glimpse into the city’s varied dining culture.

Happy Hour Midtown

In Midtown East, the happy hour scene buzzes with the energy of this iconic neighborhood. Between 4 to 6 PM daily, except on holidays, the first floor, bar, and street cafe open their doors to guests eager for a taste of Socarrat’s happy hour specials.

Happy Hour Chelsea

Our Chelsea location boasts a lively spirit, reflecting the neighborhood’s artsy vibe. From 4 to 6 PM daily, except on holidays, the bar and street cafe light up with vibrant flavors and spirited conversation.

Happy Hour Nolita

Tucked away in Nolita, this location offers a blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. Here, too, from 4 to 6 PM daily, except on holidays, the bar and street cafe offer a relaxing space for those seeking an upscale kickstart to their evening.

Celebrate every day with Socarrat’s happy hour specials, inviting you to enjoy moments of connection, culture, and culinary delight as the city lights come alive. Cheers!

About us

Socarrat is a Spanish restaurant since 2008 offering a wide variety of tapas, paella, sangria and an extensive selection of wines with three locations in the heart of Manhattan.


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