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Our Location in Nolita, NYC

Located in the elegant neighborhood of Nolita NYC, Socarrat is more than just a restaurant. We aim to deliver a dining experience in the heart of New York City that keeps you coming back for more. Our intimate bar and restaurant ambiance offers a unique blend of comfort and sophistication, tailored to create unforgettable dining experiences.

Why We’re the Best Restaurant in Nolita

In a city like New York, brimming with exceptional restaurants and bars, what sets Socarrat Nolita apart is our commitment to authenticity and quality. Our menu is an exploration of Spanish cuisine, curated to deliver a diverse dining experience. 

Whether you’re a resident in the city or a traveler seeking a unique dining experience in Nolita, the doors of Socarrat Paella Bar are always open to serve you the best of Spanish cuisine.

Brunch Nolita NYC

Our brunch menu offers dishes that capture the lively atmosphere of New York in each bite.

Dinner Nolita NYC

Our dinner menu invites you to experience the lively flavors of Spain, guaranteed to satisfy food enthusiasts.

Private Events

We provide a personalized dining experience tailored to your private events , adding a touch of Spanish flair to your New York City occasions.


Spanish Flamenco

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm and 8:30pm, we bring an important piece of Spanish culture from our native country of Spain directly to our Nolita restaurant.

On this special day every week, guests will have the opportunity to experience both flamenco dance and flamenco guitar, all while enjoying their favorite food and our best drinks from the comfort of their tables.

Flamenco Show in NYC

Tuesdays at Socarrat Nolita
Two Seatings:
6:30pm-8:30pm, 8:30pm-10:30pm

Immerse yourself in the heart of Spanish culture at Socarrat Nolita. Every Tuesday night, we transform our restaurant into a vibrant stage for flamenco shows in New York City. With the city’s glowing skyline as the backdrop, we introduce our guests to the mesmerizing dance and music of flamenco.

Flamenco Dance and Guitar Show

Our flamenco dance and guitar show is a celebration of Spanish culture brought to life in our New York City restaurant. This enchanting blend of rhythm, dance, and melody, accompanied by our extensive bar selection and menu, guarantees an unforgettable night in New York City.

It’s more than just dining; Socarrat Paella Bar offers a one-of-a-kind cultural journey from the heart of Nolita to the soul of Spain, right here in the center of New York.

Music for you

Our soundtrack to bring Spain to your home

Our Hours


Saturday – Sunday
12:00PM- 3:45PM


Monday – Thursday
4:30PM – 10:00PM 

Friday – Saturday
4:00PM -10:30PM 

4:00PM -10:00PM 





*Except Holidays

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