Tapas Meaning

Welcome to the world of tapas! Have you ever wondered about the story behind these little dishes? The word “tapas” itself has roots in Spanish

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Paella Pronunciation

Have you ever stumbled over a Spanish menu, eyes snagging on a beautiful dish with an exotic name – Paella? Many people around the world

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Summer Sangria Recipe

Sangria is an ideal summer drink. Picture yourself relaxing on a warm evening with a cool pitcher of sangria at your side. The sound of

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Patatas Bravas

This popular dish is commonly served as a tapas in restaurants and bars throughout Spain. This popular croudpleaser happens to be one our most ordered

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dia de los muertos decor

Dia de Los Muertos Decor

Every fall, Día de Los Muertos allows families across Spain to celebrate their departed loved ones. Despite its name – which means Day of the

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best rice for paella

Best Rice for Paella

The best paella pan starts with the right choice of rice. You want the rice to absorb all the liquid without becoming mushy. And as

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About us

Socarrat is a Spanish restaurant since 2008 offering a wide variety of tapas, paella, sangria and an extensive selection of wines with three locations in the heart of Manhattan.

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