Tapas Meaning

Welcome to the world of tapas! Have you ever wondered about the story behind these little dishes? The word “tapas” itself has roots in Spanish history. Imagine this: In Spain, tapas used to be on the house, free nibbles that came with your drink!

The term “tapa” actually means “cover” in Spanish. So, in the olden days, tapas were not just about flavor; they had a practical use. They’d cover your glass, protecting your beverage from annoying flies. Fast forward to today, and tapas are a global food sensation.

What is Tapas?

In simple terms, tapas are small, flavorful Spanish dishes or appetizers often served with drinks. Tapas offer a variety of flavors in one sitting, letting diners experience multiple dishes without committing to a full meal.

Tapas Food

What is in tapas? Well, the answer is diversity. Tapas can come sizzling hot or refreshingly cold. Picture spicy patatas bravas, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Or think of cool, marinated olives, a hint of the Mediterranean. Be sure to dive into our Types of Tapas blog for more information.

And here’s a pro tip: Tapas are perfect for spicing up a cozy dinner party at home or casual snacking when friends pop by.

Tapas Menu

If you think a tapas menu is limited, think again! At Socarrat, there’s a wide variety to choose from. Enjoy spicy chorizo or creamy croquetas that melt in your mouth. And let’s not forget the refreshing gazpacho, a chilled treat for those warm days. Each dish on the tapas menu will transport you straight to Spain!

Tapas Restaurant NYC

Looking for an authentic tapas experience in the Big Apple? Your search ends at Socarrat. We’ve got the city covered with locations in Midtown East, Chelsea, and Nolita.

We’re your one-stop destination for a vibrant, fun-filled Spanish dining experience. But tapas are just the beginning. Don’t leave without trying our signature paella, a dish rich in tradition and flavor. And to top it all, pair your meal with a pitcher of sangria, the cherry on top of a perfect evening!


About us

Socarrat is a Spanish restaurant since 2008 offering a wide variety of tapas, paella, sangria and an extensive selection of wines with three locations in the heart of Manhattan.


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