Albóndigas (Tapa)

Albóndigas is the perfect accompaniment to our unique menu, this food actually has Spanish
origins dating all the way back to the 6th century and they’re a classic of Andalusian cuisine.

The word albóndigas is Spanish for meatballs and like all good meatballs, this tapa is a mixture
of different meats. In the case of ours, we use veal and beef since veal provides a sense of
tenderness, while beef adds the heartiness and strong meat taste & feel you love.

And of course, our chefs season our albóndigas with a variety of spices to bring out the flavor of
the meat. The rich sauce will call for bread dipping and will evoke a homemade recipe.


Our albóndigas tapa wouldn’t be anything without the light tomato sauce that the meatballs
come in. The lightness of the broth enhances the flavor of the meatballs further thanks to a
mixture of ingredients including:

Sautéed onions
Olive oil

This delicious tapa is suitable for all and is an excellent appetizer prior to your main course or can be one of the small plates you eat as your meal. Come visit one of our three Socarrat Paella Bar locations in New York City for great drinks and delicious tapas like the albóndigas served in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

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