Churros and more Spanish Desserts

We all love to conclude a good meal with a delicious and sweet dessert, which all leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction. But we also love to have some between meals accompanied by coffee to let us wait until the next meal.

All over Spain, you’ll find friends meeting up for coffee and some kind of small bite in the afternoon or even in the early evening, especially during the winter is common to go eat churros and hot chocolate to stay warm. Churros are part of the Spanish identity, just as paella is, at any time during the day of the year.

Churros are essentially a wheat flour dough coming out of an extruder, deep-fried in oil and covered with granulated sugar or powdered sugar, served hot with a sweet topping or dipping sauce, traditionally chocolate.

In Spain, you can find churros in restaurants and cafés, but it exists specific places dedicated to churros called churrerías, “churros factories” essentially, which can be regular small restaurants or food trucks, normally packed during Christmas season.

In Spain, churros are also eaten for breakfast, especially on the weekends or on special events like Christmas Day, when people have time to go buy them fresh early in the morning.

The shape and size of the churros can vary depending on the Spanish province, so is the number served per order. However, the recipe to make them doesn’t really vary, it’s a food recipe that is pretty consistent all over the world.

Churros are also popular in other countries, as in Mexico and Latin America, you’ll see churros carts in every city’s downtown, with multiple varieties and shapes. You can even find them easily here in New York City, right on the streets or in places like La Churreria NYC, the first authentic Spanish Churreria in Manhattan and the little sister of Socarrat Restaurants, where you can find regular churros, stuffed churros, churro cups and more. 

You can also enjoy the Churros con chocolate at Socarrat Paella Bar: an order of traditional churros served with a hot chocolate sauce and cajeta. Cajeta is another name for dulce de leche used all over Central and South America, and it’s a milk-based caramel that is extremely delicious and sweet.

More Spanish desserts

But of course, we also offer you other types of desserts or postres for your enjoyment:

  • Flan: prepared with eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla, accompanied with passion fruit, pistachio crumble and a white chocolate coconut foam. You’ll fall in love with it.
  • Buñuelos de Chocolate: if you’re a chocolate lover, you don’t want to miss these chocolate beignets, served with a coffee sauce, strawberry coulis, and whipped cream.
  • Tarta de Santiago: an almond cake really typical from the north of Spain and found everywhere along the Camino de Santiago aka “Way of Saint James”, hence the name of the cake. Ours is complemented with vanilla ice cream.
  • Torrija Caramelizada: a traditional popular dessert and the Spanish version of the French toast, which consists of a piece of bread soaked in milk and fried in a pan. Ours is served with lemon curd, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.
  • Sherbets: we also have a daily selection of ice creams and sherbets.


To match our selection of desserts, we offer an even larger selection of coffees to warm you up in this cold season:

  • Espresso: We offer you strong espresso-like variants, including expresso, double expresso, cortado, and bombón or candy, which is served with condensed milk.
  • American-like flavors: Americano, which is espresso diluted with water, café con leche or “coffee with milk”, and of course the famous cappuccino.
  • Spanish specialty coffees: The carajillo is an expresso with your choice of hard liquor, Bailey’s, rum, or brandy. And the Café Quixote, which is an expresso with Spanish brandy and whipped cream.

Of course, we also have many flavors of tea if that’s your preference.

Your sweet tooth will thank you!

Come to any of our Socarrat locations to enjoy a meal concluded with one of those delicious desserts or just come for a dessert and a coffee to rest a few minutes before resuming your busy life, especially appreciated with the cold days coming in. No matter what, you’ll leave happy and satisfied.

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Socarrat is a Spanish restaurant since 2008 offering a wide variety of tapas, paella, sangria and an extensive selection of wines with three locations in the heart of Manhattan.


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