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Socarrat Spanish Restaurant in NYC is proud to offer some of the best tapas in the city. Tapas is a Spanish term for an appetizer or snack of traditional Spanish dishes. In Spanish, the word “tapas” translates to “top,” which is why they are considered appetizers to be served at the beginning of a meal. Socarrat’s extensive offerings of tapas are the best in New York City.
Tapas serve an important function in allowing you to try smaller-sized versions of unique Spanish dishes. Traditionally, in Spain, dinner is served late. Tapas served as snacks to keep hunger at bay before the main meal. Their popularity has grown, and tapas are now often eaten as the main meal. They can be thought of as samplers, or you can make a complete meal by combining two or more tapas to enjoy a variety of flavors.
Tapas are a staple of Spanish cuisine, and their popularity has spread to bars and restaurants around the globe. What was once limited to pre-dinner shacks, or quick bar food, has become an international sensation served in restaurants worldwide.

Basic Types of Tapas

Tapas can include a wide variety of ingredients. The most common types of tapas include:
Hot tapas—as the name implied, these tapas are meant to be served warm. Depending on your preferences, these might include sizzling shrimp, or chorizo with paprika, prepared in a white wine sauce and fava bean pesto.
Cold tapas—are meant to be served chilled. They might include pickled Portobello mushrooms with a vegetable julienne or various marinated and pickled vegetables.
Pinchos—slices of delicious bread served with a variety of tasty toppings
Tostas—Tostas are a popular bread-based tapa. They are open-faced sandwiches, usually served toasted, with a wide range of delicious toppings. Tostas are great finger foods.
Conservas—in the Spanish food world, conserves are usually prepared with canned foods such as tuna or sardines. However, they are of the highest quality and prepared with flavorful marinades that will challenge any expectations you have about the final product.

Traditional Types of Tapas

At Socarrat in NYC, you can find a wide array of traditional tapas. Traditional tapas often included cured meats, different types of cheese, olives, and bread. Certain dishes, such as fried potatoes in a spicy sauce, are also considered traditional.
At Socarrat, some of our most popular traditional tapas include:
Sardinas Fritas—which are crispy sardines with an almond romesco sauce.
Croquetas—crispy, creamy croquettes of the day
Chorizo—chorizo served with a white wine sauce and fava bean pesto
Pan con Tomate—country toast with a fresh tomato spread with olive oil and garlic

Lesser-Known Types of Tapas

Tapas are a great way to try new combinations and put an added twists to more traditional Spanish food. The tapa has become a medium for chefs to show their creativity in cooking. From parmesan marshmallows to quail egg yolks, tapas are a medium for creating culinary dishes that both surprise and delight.

Our Favorite Tapas and How to Get Them for Your Enjoyment

Socarrat has locations in Midtown East, Chelsea, and Nolita, so wherever you are in the city, you can enjoy a wide array of tapas served in a fun atmosphere with great drinks. We also offer at-home delivery, so you can enjoy your favorite Spanish dishes from the comfort of your home.
It is hard to choose favorites from our extensive menu of tapas, but some customer favorites include:
Gambas Al Ajillo—sizzling shrimp prepared with olive oil and garlic and includes Guindilla peppers
Pulpo A La Gallega—octopus prepared Galician style, with creamy potatoes and paprika oil
Costillo de Ternera—Short ribs braised in red wine and served with butternut squash puree
Alcachofas Fritas—fried artichokes with lemon caper remoulade
Conchinillo—a confit suckling pig, served with spinach and chestnuts
Check our full Tapas menu, or stop by and enjoy them in one of our three locations.

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