What is Patatas Bravas?

This popular dish is commonly served as a tapas in restaurants and bars throughout Spain. This popular croudpleaser happens to be one our most ordered tapas at Socarrat. This straightforward but delectable tapas is traditionally made with crispy, fried potatoes topped with, aioli and a spicy tomato sauce. 

Patatas bravas, or spicy potato as it is translated, originates from Madrid and is a traditional Spanish cuisine typcially served to share. Patatas means “potato” in Spanish, and bravas is the sauce and lends to the term “spicy”.   They make for a perfect start to a delicious meal with friends or loved ones.  

Bravas sauce (Salsa Brava)  isn’t supposed to burn your tongue, but it should have a strong flavor. This classic spicy salsa typically consists of: 

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Tomato
  • Guindilla pepper (chili)
  • Salt and pepper

In Spanish, the word “brava”  has a few translations and can be used in different ways;  brave or couragous, skillful or talented, and well done.  We feel that any one of these adjectives can someway describe one of our Socarrat favorites.

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